The Great Joe Frazier by Chad Cortez Everett


The Great Joe Frazier by Chad Cortez Everett
Matted Digital Print
Size: 11″ x 14″ Approx


I wanted to pay homage to Joe Frazier, a World Boxing Champion, who lived in Philadelphia during his lifetime. He started out poor and became a famous boxer. Joe represented Philadelphia as a hometown hero because of his boxing and community. I became fascinated by watching his boxing matching on YouTube. I researched his boxing techniques for my self-defense class. He had a unique style of boxing which was like KRAV Maga, an Israeli Martial Arts. I watched video footage of Joe Frazier defeating Muhammed Ali. Joe leap across the ring and hit Ali Muhammed Ali with his legendary gazelle punch. It lead to Ali’s first defeat in the ring. Joe Frazier, a short boxer, fought aggressively and dominated his opponents in the ring. He moved fast and had excellent head movement. As a result, he was unstoppable and could not get punched. I remembered riding the SEPTA bus in North Philadelphia and I watched Joe Frazier walk outside of his personal gym. People cheered and waved as he held his hand up to the crowd.. I realized Joe Frazier was a Philadelphia icon. He represented Philly proud and determination which is the essence of Philadelphian culture.


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