The Dream Keepers by Kathryn Andrews Fincher


The Dream Keepers by Kathryn Andrews Fincher
Signed and Numbered Offset Lithograph
Edition 1500
Size 28″ x 22″  Approx


Kathy describes her life as a merry-go-round that begins and ends with art, prints and posters. Her mother and her aunt, both artists, recognized her talent early. As a young girl, she fell in love with art and drawing, yet as a teenager her focus turned to sports. She played tennis and reached the state finals. She was a national tournament water-skiing champion, also excelling at show skiing. In 1975, she represented the United States by water skiing at the World Expo in Japan. She also taught snow skiing, ballet skiing, and aerials. Later, Kathy was employed as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, and raced competitively for their international ski team.

After her first child was born, Kathy’s sports were replaced with a renewed interest in her art studies. Kathy’s sports took her away-painting kept her home. Her own children became her models. Kathy was encouraged by her mother and aunt to continue studies with artist, Philip Lekki, who painted art, prints and posters and trained in the Impressionist style. His method of teaching included layering colors to enhance light. Kathy enjoyed the freedom of Impressionism gave her a freedom and fresh approach from previously structured classical background studies.

Kathy’s art, prints and posters reflect her strong Christian faith, love of children, and her fascination with light. Shining through her paintings is Kathy’s belief that children are God’s gift to us. “Children are the light of the world. They have the ability to awaken in us the everyday miracles of God’s creations, she says. “Capturing this young, free-flowing spirit is a continuous challenge for me. I try to capture children on the brink of discovery, leaving room for the viewer to become part of the scene. Through art, Kathy has found a way to express her faith and a commitment to parenting. Though each child is unique, expressions and experiences of childhood are universal. Kathy is an award-winning artist and successful in the licensing and art print market.