Philadelphia Eagle by Chad Cortez Everett


Philadelphia Eagle by Chad Cortez Everett
Matted Digital Print
Size: 11″ x 14″ Approx



The Philadelphia Eagles influenced me. They won the Super bowl Championship in 2018, as a result; I wanted to document the experience. My Family, and I attended a Super Bowl party in Philadelphia. In South Philadelphia, we visit our friend Thomas, who hosted a Super bowl party every year at his apartment where he served food and beverages. I was excited to watch the games at Thomas’s house because it was the first time in years that the Eagles played in the Super bowl. The Eagle defeated the Patriot with several beautiful plays with excellent offense and defense. I remembered seeing fireworks, drivers honking their car horns, and people dancing in the streets. The Eagle won their first major Super bowl, as a result; I felt true Philadelphia proud.


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